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Chemistry with Responsibility

We live in a time of constant change and we at HSO adapt to it permanently. We produce innovative special chemicals for the plating industry, and it is not without reason, that we rank as one of the leading companies in the field of decorative and functional surface plating worldwide.

HSO stands for quick decisions and customer-adapted, innovative processes. We count on the thrust of our innovations, sustainability, personal contact to our customers and, thus, close customer relationships. The whole HSO team works together according to the motto „Working Together to Win“ to push the success of the company further ahead. The focus is on the lasting generation of values and profitable growth. A development, which we owe to the commitment of our staff, our distributors, suppliers and, of course, our customers. We have been part of ESI Element Solutions and MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions since January 1st, 2022 and are still on the road to success.

Lukas Henningsen, GSA Global Strategic Account Director Europe

The Partner at Your Side

Lukas Henningsen

Lukas Henningsen
GSA Director Europe

Christoph Cordes

Christoph Cordes
Regional Strategic Accounts HSO

Gianni Nofroni

Gianni Nofroni
Sales Manager Internal
Tel. 0212 6585-30

Rob van der Wal

Rob van der Wal
Export Manager
Tel. 0212 6585-15

Rob van der Wal

Andreas Prinz
Laboratory Manager
Tel. 0212 6585-39

Figures and Facts

Year of foundation

Production sites in countries

International presence

Year of foundation:


Shareholder structure:

1 shareholder | MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions

Managing Director:

John Capps, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions

International presence:

Dealerships in 29 countries worldwide; production sites in 2 countries, head offices in Solingen, Germany

Core business:

Plating on Plastics, functional and decorative plating technology

Core products (Global Brands):

HSO Superline, HSO EcoPlast®-System, HSO EcoPROTEC®-System

Company History


  • Herbert Schmidt founds the current HSO Herbert Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG


  • The company is registered as general partnership in the Commercial Registry


  • Conversion to the current legal form of GmbH & Co. KG

1992 – 1996

  • Erection of additional buildings as well as modernization of the laboratory equipment, renewal of the production system and optimization of the waste water system


  • Certification of the quality management system acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001

1997 – 2003

  • Extension of the production rooms and warehouse as well as completion of the Pilot Plant


  • Lukas Henningsen, great grandson of the company founder and current CEO, joins the company


  • Due to the constant expansion and the strengthening of the international competitiveness the HSO International GmbH was founded.
  • In cooperation with Dicolloy International GmbH, HSO International GmbH is creating a new foothold in Brazil – HSO Dicolloy do Brasil Ltda.
  • Construction of a photovoltaic system on the roofs of the production and warehouses


  • Opening of a new mainstay in China. Foundation of HSO Chemical (Shanghai) Ltd.
  • Expansion of the HSO TechLab. Equipped with state-of-the-art analyzers
  • Construction of in-house activator and diamond production


  • Entries of the brands HSO EcoPlast-System and HSO EcoPROTEC-System


  • Start of construction of the new HSO logistics center in Solingen, Piepersberg


  • Sale and integration to ESI Element Solutions and MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions

HSO International

Since early in 2010, all worldwide activities of HSO are accumulated under the umbrella of HSO International GmbH. The Solingen-based company serves the worldwide expansion as well as the coordination of the worldwide sales. Existing and future subsidiaries are coordinated by HSO International GmbH as holding companies.

HSO Production Facilities

Brazil – HSO Dicolloy do Brasil Ltda. – Mr. Luiz Santos – l.santos@hsodicolloy-brasil.com

China – Shanghai – HSO Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. – Mr. Webb Lin – w.lin@hso-asia.com

Germany – HSO International GmbH – Mr. Lukas Henningsen – contact@hso-solingen.de

HSO Distributors

Belgium – Caldic Belgium N.V. – Mr. Luc De Bondt – ldb@caldic.be

Denmark – Candor Kemiske A/S. – Mr. Claus Asmussen – ca@candordenmark.dk

Finland – Candor OY – Mr. Hannu Pyöriä – hannu.pyoria@candor.fi

Greece – Rallis & Co. – Mr. Alexandros Rallis – info@skrallisandco.com

India – J.k. Impex – Mr. Kaushal Shah – jklafonte@gmail.com

Indonesia – PT Sinar Semesta Abadi. – Mr. Erwin Susanto – erwin@surfatech-fma.com

Macedonia – Rafi doo – Mr. Abdula Salkoski – rafi_dule@hotmail.com

Mexico – Columbia Chemical – Mr. Raymundo Gonzales – rgonzales@columbiachemical.mx

Poland – WILHELM TELL Sp. z o.o. – Mr. Tomasz Doliński – tdolinski@wilhelmtell.com.pl

Portugal – Winpulsat, Lda. – Mr. José Sá – winpulsat@winpulsat.pt

Romania – Universal Tehnoproiect – Mrs. Rodica Bobeanu – tehnoproiect@comgrup.ro

Sweden – Candor Sweden AB – Mr. Jörgen Pettersson – jorgen.pettersson@candorsweden.com

Switzerland – Blaser AG – Mr. Gino Pecoraro – pecoraro@blasermalters.ch

Spain – Coquinesa – Mr. Igor García Velez – igorgv@coquinesa.es

Turkey – Yalcin Kimya – Dr. Huseyin Yalcin – huseyin.yalcin@yalcinkimya.com.tr

Thailand – VR3 Chemical Co., Ltd. – Mr. Chalermpol Nittayasuthi

Tunesia – PARKER STDPP – Mr. Kamel Ben Belgacem – parker.technique@planet.tn

Hungary – Galván & Elox Kft. – Mrs. Zsuzsanna Krasnyanszki – krasnyanszki@vnet.hu

Vietnam – PHUONG BAC APPLIED TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. – Mr. Pham The Diem – pt.diem@pbc.com.vn

HSO Headquarter and Production Facility

HSO Headquarter and Production Facility worldwide. As of 2.2021

We look permanently worldwide for new partners to further extend the HSO network and the sales/export and push it forward. Our research and development department with main site in Germany works with the customers and market in mind. Here, we train regularly the technicians of our partners, so that a uniform quality standard can be guaranteed for our products as well as in the worldwide customer service.

You have an organized sales network, competent technicians, interest in a cooperation with HSO and can imagine to become our partner? Then contact us!

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Rob van der WalYour Contact:

Rob van der Wal

Tel. +49 (0) 212 6585-15
E-Mail: r.vanderwal@hso-solingen.de


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