HSO Pretreatment
HSO Pretreatment

HSO Pretreatment:
Eco-friendly and highly efficient!

Play safe – with pretreatment processes from HSO for an optimum preparation of the work pieces before plating. We have the matching process! Contact us!

HSO Alkaline Cleaners solid
ProcessApplicationBase MaterialGrease / OilsPastesFine Cleaning and Activation
HSO Superclean ASoak cleanerNon-ferrous metal, steel, zinc diecastxxx
HSO Superclean EElectrolytic degreaserNon-ferrous metal, steelx
HSO Superclean UUniversal degreaserNon-ferrous metal, steelxx
HSO Superclean A-10Soak cleanerNon-ferrous metal, steelxx
HSO Superclean E-60Electrolytic degreaserSteelx
HSO Superclean USUltrasonic degreaserNon-ferrous metal, steelx
HSO Superclean UNI-ISoak cleanerNon-ferrous metal, steel, zinc diecastundefinedxx
HSO Superclean EFB-IElectrolytic degreaserNon-ferrous metal, steel
HSO Degreaser EFB-IXElectrolytic degreaserNon-ferrous metalx
HSO Rostex DElectrolytic degreaser/descalingSteelx
HSO Cleaner ZD IIISoak cleanerZinkdruckgussx
HSO Degreaser SFElectrolytic degreaser (silicate-free)Non-ferrous metal, steelx
HSO Alkaline Cleaners liquid
ProcessApplicationBase MaterialGrease / OilsPastes
HSO Superclean HP-FUltrasonic cleanerNon-ferrous metal, steel
HSO Superclean A-10 FSoak cleanerNon-ferrous metal, steelx
HSO Superclean ESSoak cleaner, esmulsifyingNon-ferrous metal, steelx
HSO Superclean DSSoak cleaner, desmulsifyingNon-ferrous metal, steelx
HSO Superclean EFB-I FElectrolytic degreaserNon-ferrous metal, steelx
HSO Cleaners Modular System
HSO Soak Cleaner 11DemulsifyingFor all metalsVery good fat solving power
HSO Ultrasonic Cleaner 31DemulsifyingFor all metalsUse in ultrasonic degreasing
HSO Degreasing Basis DegravHighly alkaline, silicate-freeSteelUltra-filterable
HSO Degreasing Basis DegrasHighly alkaline, silicate-containingNon-ferrous metal, steel
HSO Degreasing Basis DegranLow alkaline, silicate-freeZinc diecast, aluminiumUltra-filterable
HSO Spay Cleaner 4DemulsifyingFor all metalsAs of 40° C sprayable
HSO Neutral CleanerEmulsifyingFor all metalsVery good fat and oil solving power. Without inorganics also as US-degreaser
HSO Additive Solution KSoft complexing agentFor all metalsAgainst high water hardness or iron precipitation
HSO Additive Solution SSilicateFor all metalsWith all Degreasing Bases combinable
HSO Additive Solution AIncreases alkalinityFor all metalsWith all Degreasing Bases combinable
HSO Additive Solution TTemporary corrosion protectionSteelPost-dip solution
HSO Acidic Cleaners
ProcessCharacteristicsBase MaterialDetails
HSO SuperstainAdditive for acid picklesSteelWith inhibitor
HSO Pickle Degreaser EAdditive for acid picklesSteelWith inhibitor
HSO Pickle InhibitorAdditive for acid picklesSteelIncreases the inhibiting effect
HSO Pickle Accelerator UltraAdditive for acid picklesSteelPickle Accelerator with inhibitor
HSO Activations
ProcessApplicationBase Material
HSO SuperactiveSurface activation before platingSteel, copper, zinc diecast, copper alloy
HSO Pickle ActivatorAdditive for several pickles and clarifyers, increases the pickling effectAluminium (silicon-containing), steel, copper, zinc diecast
HSO Activation Bright ChromiumActivation before bright chromiumBright nickel
HSO Activation CopperActivation before nickelCopper
HSO Activation for BrassOptimum preparation for colouring with HSO Colouring 506Copper alloy
HSO Micro-Etch 261Activation/matting for non-ferrous metal, clarifying for aluminiumNon-ferrous metal, aluminium

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